Olympics and Sports Injuries

Chiro Care during the Olympics


Chiropractic is known as science of healing without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic clinic’s specialty is to treat the sports man suffering from back injury and nervous system failures. Chiropractic clinics are very popular in United States of America, Australia and Canada. Chiropractic clinics are overlapping the manual therapies systems. Chiropractic science works on the manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissues. Chiropractic science also involves different exercise styles, health and lifestyle analysis as well. It is also considered as one of the possible treatment of the back pain.

The most important part of our body is the nervous system. Nervous system acts like a response system which is connected with brain. All the body parts react to the signals from the brain and nervous system carries the signals to the different parts of the body. Misalignment of nervous system which is known as Subluxation causes poor health or improper functioning of the spinal cord. Due to Subluxation, body becomes incapable of adapting to the changes of the environment. Even small amount of spinal malfunctioning can alter the regular nerve impulse that prevents our body to respond as required.

Spinal malfunction


Spinal malfunction is majorly found in sports man, athletes and Olympic players. This issue is by far one of the most common Olympics and sports injuries. Spinal cord injuries are one of the major types of Olympic and sport injuries. It happens as sportsman follows a routine which they have to exert more than the normal limits of force, repetitive motions of a particular part of body and forceful impulsive actions. Olympic and sports injuries are also found because of the absence of warm ups and hardcore training for extended hours. Chiropractic is one of the most used alternative medicines in case of sports injuries. It helps athletes by relieving their pain and heals them at a much faster speed. It is very effective method of recovering with regular visits to the chiropractor. Not just in athletes, but even for the average Joe who is a locksmith or plumber this is useful. Infact one of the writer’s friend who works at City Locksmith which is a locksmith company in Sterling Heights strongly believes that his health has been saved by a chiropractor. His job makes him do physical work and has taken a toll in his body. You can see more about what he says at his website http://www.citylocksmith.com/sterling-heights

Chiropractic is one of the natural methods of healing the spine injuries, so it helps in the overall recovery of sportsperson. The resp1covery of the sportsmen is done by applying precise force on the specific part of the spine. By this method the misalignment is corrected and then allows the body to recover to its desired position by its own. Doctor will place you in different positions and apply impulsive force to the required points of the spine. Sometimes when the force is applied cracking sound is also audible. This cracking sound is called as cavitation and it happens because of the release of the gas when the joint opens. By this method the motion in the muscles and the joints are restored.


Chiropractic is not only effective in post injury medical recovery but also in pre injury recoveries as well. Chiropractic is extremely effective in relieving the pain due to tension. It is very popular and widely used by the sports persons. Chiropractor is one of the most important profiles in every sports team. They are not only treating the sports injuries but also act like a guide to avoid any injures as well. Due to the increase of the Chiropractor in the Olympic team, Olympic and sports injuries numbers and severity has been decreased.

With “cupping” being made famous by sport stars like Micheal Phelps, chiropractic care has become even more popular. Below is a great video on cupping by a certified chiropractor.